Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Cool Toy for Emma

      I've found just the perfect toy for Emma on a hot day, an ice cube. She loves them; batting one back and forth, pouncing on it, licking it, and in general just having a ball with it. Here she is studying the slippery, cool delight.

     I love this pose. It's the same one I see in the backyard when she is intently studying insects in the grass. My little entomologist!
     In case you were wondering where Emma was while I was on my trip to Maine, she was staying with a friend and her family. Thank you, Auntie Anne Marie and Uncle Bruce; I'm so glad Emma was a good houseguest. :-)
     Speaking of toys, here she is tonight with one of her very favorites. It's a cube with openings on all side. Inside are four, soft colored balls with squeakers. Actually, this toy was originally a Christmas gift from my cousin Kristin for my previous much loved dog Katie when she was just about Emma's age. Katie loved this toy. I think it was called an 'intelligence cube' based on how fast the dog was able to remove the balls. Katie was a whiz at it and so is Emma. Emma has the run of the kitchen and the screen porch during the day, but at night she gets to come into the living room for a while where this toy is kept. It's the first thing she runs to play with.

     The squeakers are fainter than they used to be, but this toy still has years of fun left in it. :-)

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