Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Second Trip to the Groomer

     Emma made her second trip to the groomers yesterday. The first time six weeks ago she just got a trim, but yesterday I decided to have her get a real schnauzer cut. Though I love the scruffy puppy look, this look is even cuter. She was groomed by Cheryl at Pooch Paws in Hanover. I had taken Katie there for many years, and Cheryl had always groomed her beautifully.

      Isn't she adorable!!!

     Speaking of adorable, here is a peak at a newly hatched house finch surrounded by three, as of yet, unhatched eggs. I started out today by meeting friends for breakfast. Next, it was time for my flute lesson. My ever patient flute teacher showed me this wondrous scene on her balcony. She has a wrought iron planter that holds three large pots of flowers. Mr. and Mrs. Housefinch are using one as a nursery. This is the second time this year that this same plant has hosted a family. The balcony is high up and under cover, and they have selected the plant which is furthest back so it is also out of direct sunlight. Mr. and Mrs. Housefinch chose wisely when selecting this spot to build their nest.
     After my flute lesson, it was time for some Italian conversation at a local coffee shop. Usually there are four of us who meet to attempt to converse in what we hope is good Italian. :-) Still later, I quilted with friends. It was a very busy day. 

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