Thursday, January 26, 2012

Trying to Remain Positive

     On Monday afternoon, my dog Katie suddenly took ill. Besides being sick a number of times in the space of an hour, she was very unsteady when she attempted to walk. I rushed her to the vet who diagnosed her with Vestibular Disease which often affects the balance system in older dogs. He also mentioned the possibility that she might have suffered a small stroke.  I declined submitting her to a very expensive MRI as she will be fourteen in June, and I didn't think that would have been prudent. She came home with me that night with a prescription to help her balance problems as the vet thought she would be more comfortable at home with my care, and he felt it might take three or four days for her to show any improvement. I will tell you that I spent a good part of Tuesday sobbing as Katie was not doing well at all. She wasn't in pain, but her balance was totally off and she was not eating. I spoke with the vet later in the afternoon because I was prepared to do whatever was best for Katie.  He said to give her another twenty-four hours, and I am glad that I did as by Wednesday morning there was a noticeable improvement. Her head was no longer tilted, her eyes were equalized, and her limbs were much sturdier. When the vet called to check on her, he indicated that these were all very encouraging signs. This morning she was able to walk briefly around the backyard without too much difficulty .
     Katie, my pride and joy, has been absolutely the best dog ever. I will have her rechecked tomorrow, and hopefully she will continue to improve.


  1. So glad Katie is improving!!!! I'll say some doggy prayers for her.