Sunday, December 4, 2011

Late Bloomers

      It's December 4th, and some of the flowers on my deck are still blooming. That's really quite unusual for Massachusetts at this time of year. I had cleaned up my garden and had dumped my many pots and hanging baskets into the compost pile, but I decided to leave these two pots for a while longer and I'm glad that I did. Mind you, we did have a couple of inches of snow last month and we've had some pretty cold nights, but these flowers continue to bloom.
     While these summer flowers continue to put on a colorful display, I've have been busy decorating outside. In the back of my yard, there is a pine tree which ten or twelve years ago was a tiny sapling give away at the DPW for Earth Day or some other reason. Through the years it has grown into a lovely tree. I began hanging ornaments on it a few years back and decided this year to add lights. I think I did this in part to celebrate its survival after last winter's many heavy snowstorms. I remember blogging once during that period that I thought for sure the tree was a goner since it was completely doubled over and appeared to be ruined. Fortunately, it bounced back and here is a picture taken yesterday.

I enjoy looking out my kitchen window and seeing it, and hopefully motorist going by will as well. Now if only I could just start putting up the inside decorations and begin my Christmas shopping, I would be all set.

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