Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Holiday Presents for Pets

    This afternoon I went with friends to Fabric Corner in Arlington. Following that, we went for lunch. Good food . . . good friends . . . a lovely way to spend an afternoon. On the drive home, we were discussing buying presents for pets. Our local newspaper had had an article in last Saturday's edition reporting on the ever increasing number of pet owners who buy gifts for their pets. Isn't that absolutely ridiculous! "But," you say, "isn't that a new t-shirt for Katie under the tree? Well, yes, it is, but really how could I resist? It has such a cute snowflake design and says, "I'm Snow Adorable." Oh, and there may also be a new leash. Finally, there are bound to be a bag or two of Newman's Own dog treats. (Did you know that Paul Newman also had a miniature schnauzer? Besides being a fine actor with incredible blue eyes, he was obviously a fine judge of dogs.)
     I have many, many ornaments; so many in fact, I have to put up two trees to display them all, but I couldn't resist buying this 2011 schnauzer ornament.  Beneath it is a Santa ornament which I have had since I was a little girl. Another ornament with equal longevity is this sweet angel that nestles in the boughs.  She always has a special place near the top of the tree.

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