Monday, November 7, 2011

More from the Houston Quilt Festival

     At times during the week my head was absolutely spinning with all that we were seeing and doing. There were wonderful lectures throughout the day, and we attended three special events: the Mixed Media Miscellany, the Friday Sampler, and the Saturday Sampler. Each was held in a large ballroom or series of connected classrooms. At each, there were about thirty teachers demonstrating their special techniques and offering wonderful information. It was a bit like speed dating as you sat listening to one teacher after another according to your interests. You would move through the room acquiring all kinds of tips and ideas to bring home to explore.

    Unfortunately, we did not get into the half day classes that we had hoped to with the exception of a class on Hawaiian applique. While it had not been one of my top choices, nevertheless it was very interesting. Here are some of the student pieces; mine is the pink one in the lower left corner. It will be good to have this piece to work on at our weekly quilting get togethers. I enjoyed the class so much that I later purchased a book on Hawaiian applique. Here are some of the others.

       Speaking of purchases, later this week I'll share my attempts to turn around the economy. Oh my!


  1. Janice,
    Looks like you made the best of your class possibilities!

  2. ciao Janice, che nostalgia Houston!2 anni fa c'ero
    anch'io, è stato meraviglioso!
    Un abbraccio