Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Turbo Tuesday

     Isn't this the happiest little fountain ever? It's located in Scituate, MA, where I spent a part of the day today. My day started bright and early with a routine mammogram. Speaking of that, have you had yours this year? As a four year breast cancer survivor, I know first hand the importance of early detection. If you have been putting yours off, please call and make an appointment.
     At 11:00, I was with two lovely ladies at a local coffee shop for Italian conversation. We had originally met in an eight week adult education course offered in Beginning Italian. We take lessons from different teachers now, but we continue to meet regularly to practice our budding language skills. We have improved considerably over the past year and a half and enjoy each other's attempts to  master this lovely language. You may note at the bottom of this page that I am following a new blog, the arabafenicequiltshop.blogspot written in Italian. I read it with my trusty Italian dictionary in hand. :-)
     Next it was on to the Mill Wharf Restaurant in Scituate Harbor to meet a group of friends for lunch. The view is beautiful from this restaurant. Because of the oppressive heat, we chose to eat inside today. After lunch, I popped into a fun, quirky little shop called Goodies II on Front Street. How can I describe this little place? Well, it's tiny, but it is packed with all sorts of little treasures from curios to antiques, jewelry, knickknacks, glassware, games, odds and ends and other sundries. You just never know what you will find there, but I seldom leave without purchasing some little thing. Today I spotted this little cabinet which stands a little over thirteen inches.
I'm not sure what I will use it for eventually, but my friend Marie had a good idea. I could use it  for my summer jewelry. Can't you just see necklaces draped over the open door and bracelets and earrings on the shelves? I will probably use it later to store some of my threads in my sewing room. Oh, here's the best part. It only cost seven dollars! What a bargain!!!

     On the way home, I stopped to photograph this enchanting little fountain. Here's a close up which I hope will put a smile on your face.

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  1. Just looking at that fountain made me feel cooler! I love little things: boxes, sacks, etc. they bring out the little girl in me!