Sunday, July 31, 2011

Josh Turner Concert

      When it comes to country music, George Strait is definitely the king. I can't imagine anyone, anywhere not liking his smooth, easy voice and delivery.  There are many new stars in the world of country music, and Josh Turner is among the very best.

    Last summer my friend Edith, who is also a country fan, and  I saw Josh Turner in concert at the South Shore Music Circus, and his show was awesome. When we saw that he was returning again this year, we decided to get tickets. Saturday night was a great night for a concert. As you can see from the above photo, there were many cowboy hats and also many boot clad attendees.

      If you don't know his music, check out this YouTube video of Josh singing Will You Go with Me.  Another great tune is Why Don't We Just Dance. I guarantee you will like his deep, deep voice. He can rock, sing a sweet ballad, and even throw in some gospel. He had the crowd up on its feet throughout the concert, and it seemed as if everyone there knew all the words to his songs and sang along. Speaking of the crowd, what struck me the most next to all the hats and boots were the different age groups represented at the concert from the very young to the definitely mature set and all were having a great time. The large number of teens and twenties bode well for country music's future.

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