Friday, July 1, 2011

Day Trip to New Hampshire

     Yesterday, I accompanied my friend Marilyn to New Hampshire. She wanted to check out a restaurant in Laconia as she is in charge of a family gathering there in August. We left Randolph around 9:30 thinking that we would miss the Boston traffic. We were wrong. . . very wrong. Not until we were approaching the Zakim bridge did the traffic ease. After many long hours of driving, we finally made it to Laconia, located the restaurant, and determined that the food was fine.
     The deal was that I would go along for the ride if we could make a stop at Keepsake Quilters, a mecca for quilters, in nearby picturesque Center Harbor.

    I didn't buy much, just a few yards of fabric and three patterns. I currently have more patterns than I will use in my lifetime, but I just can't resist buying one if it is something different. I have an unusual fat quarter that  I know will be perfect to use with one of these patterns. (Note for my non-quilting readers: a fat quarter is an eighteen inch square piece of fabric, not a reference to my posterior. :-)
     There is also a small independent bookstore next to the quilt shop. Though I buy many books on Amazon, I appreciate the need to also support local booksellers. I picked up what appears to be an interesting book; I'll let  you know if it is.
     Eventually we headed south and as we were approaching Boston about 7:30,  we thought surely we would miss  the bulk  of the traffic. Nope . . . wrong again! It was very slow going, but I amused myself by shooting out the window.

    Did you know that Boston Sand and Gravel was established way back in 1914? It seems so incongruous surrounded as it is by the tall buildings and highways traffic. While we were crawling through this stretch, I also spotted this cloud formation, and I kept my fingers crossed that an airplane might appear in the middle of the circle.
Okay, I know these are not great shots, but as I said before, it kept me amused.

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