Saturday, June 14, 2014

Photo Art Quilts in Process

     Yesterday was the last day of the class I have been teaching at Heart in Hands in South Weymouth, MA, and the pieces created by the ladies in the class are amazing! Here's Janet proudly displaying her son and grandson fishing. She had originally planned to work on a flower subject, but I am so happy that she chose this favorite photo instead. Janet told us she left a house full of guests for a few hours because she didn't want to miss our class!  Her piece is fused, layered, and ready to be stitched. 

     I love how she slipped tiny pieces of black fabric under very thin white material to create the shadows on the back of the shirt. Absolutely brilliant!

     I tried to conceal my very real concern when Katie walked into the class on the first day carrying a large matted and framed photo of her little boy. The guidelines had dictated bringing an 8x10 photo. Katie explained that she knew the directions had also stipulated that the process being taught was not suitable for portraits, but she wanted to give it a try anyway. "Okay," I responded truly doubtful about how things would turn out. As you can see, I needn't have worried. Of course, it helps when your little guy is this cute! [The store's lights make the flesh tones appear a bit off, but they are much more natural looking in person.]

     Pat used my rose photos as her subject. She plans to do more shading on the edges of the petals.

     Clare cleverly enhanced her petals with thread painting and will add beading in the center.

Nancy is painstakingly working on getting the shading just right on her tulips.

     Susan had been busy traveling, but she stopped in for a few minutes to show us her progress and to see what everyone else has accomplished so far. Here is the start of her French village scene. 

      Angela's sunflowers came from a photo taken by her daughter. Here it is all pinned and layered. She will add beads as seeds in the center and has some other embellishing ideas.

     Ellen wasn't able to join us today, but her photo art quilt will show her daughters as little girls with red berets crossing a stone bridge in Paris.

     At the introductory session, I told the ladies four things:

     1. We are going to have fun and absolutely, positively, no stress.
     2. The process is not difficult, but it will take time. . . lots and lots of time.
     3. You will never look at a piece of fabric in the same way again.
     4. WARNING!!! This process is highly addictive. You'll never look through your photos or  camera lens without thinking . . . H'mmm, this just might make a great art quilt!!! 

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