Friday, August 3, 2012

Quilt Shops, Lobsters, and Lighthouses - Part 2

     Monday dawned clear and bright, so off we went on a whale watch on the Pink Lady II.

We passed Burnt Island Light at the entrance of the harbor.

    We also passed the Cuckolds.

     The weather was absolutely wonderful, a bit cool and very breezy sitting in the bow of the boat. Unfortunately, our whale spotting wasn't too successful. We did see one huge whale which barely came to the surface.

     The marine biologist on board said this was about seventy-five feet long. We also saw a whale's  footprint. What's a whale's footprint? It's the mark a whale makes as it submerges. Sailor in olden days mistakenly thought it was an oil slick from the whale. I'm not sure you can see it well in this

photo, but it was interesting to see.

     Next it was time for lunch, lobster, of course, and a visit to two quilt shops (Maine-ly Sewing and Alewives Fabrics in Nobleboro which is near Damiscotta. 

Still later, we headed to Pemaquid Point. I'll post photos from there tomorrow.

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