Monday, June 11, 2012

"Norman Rockwell: Beyond the Easel"

     This morning I went with friends to see the special exhibit, "Norman Rockwell: Beyond the Easel " at the Sandwich Heritage Museums and Gardens. Here's a photo of us snapped by a passing motorist as we were driving down to the Cape.  . . .  Not buying that? Okay, it was taken by a docent in the gallery of antique cars. You are allowed to climb into this old Ford.
     My favorite car was a shiny, black 1932 Auburn Boattail Speedster. Isn't it snazzy?

The original price in 1932 was $975. As a point of reference, the average annual income in 1932 was $1,141. The museum even has cars formerly owned by celebrities. There is one which was owned by the actor Gary Cooper and another by WW1 flying ace, Capt. Eddie Rickenbacker.

     Next it was on to the special Norman Rockwell exhibit. Many of the artist/illustrator's famous works are on display along with black and white photos and sketches which show the artist's process. It was fascinating. This definitely is an exhibit not to be missed!

     The grounds of the museum are beautifully landscaped, and there were still a few rhododendrons in bloom. It was a lovely way to spend a beautiful spring day.

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