Saturday, June 16, 2012

Doggie Play Date

     On Thursday, my friend Nancy brought her standard poodle Raeley  to meet Emma. 

We were both a bit concerned about how they would get along, but we needn't have worried as they had great fun dashing round the backyard. You would not believe how fast Raeley can run; it is really something to see. Of course, Emma couldn't possibly keep up with her new friend, but she tried her best to take shortcuts to head Raeley off around the gardens. When that didn't work, she would just sit, bark, and stare at her in amazement.

     Raeley has a wonderful disposition and patiently endured all of Emma's puppy nonsense for about an hour, but then she had clearly had had enough and her eyes were pleading with Nancy to take her home.  

     As you can see, Emma's coat has gotten quite long, so she will be spending some time at the groomer's this week. I like the scruffy puppy look, but she definitely needs a trim. 
     All in all, it has been one very busy week.  Besides the usual items on my schedule, I went to a  kindergarten graduation on Tuesday, a quilt presentation at Quilters Stash in North Attleboro on Thursday evening, a retirement party for a wonderful former colleague on Friday, and a workshop with Carol McLeod of Aunties Two at Heart in Hands in South Weymouth this afternoon. I had spent five hours working in my garden and almost totally forgot about it. Fortunately, I remembered and I was able to catch the second half of her presentation. If you have been reading my blog for a while, you may remember the tote bag I made last summer using yards and yards of clothesline covered with brightly colored batik fabric. Carol was the designer of that pattern, and she showed some new patterns for bags and table runners. I purchased two patterns and some other items, and now I just need to make time to work on them.

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  1. thank goodness you remembered!! Emma is growing into a wonderful little dog x