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Monday, March 4, 2019

Exceeding Expectations

Normally, exceeding expectations would be a good thing . . . not so much when it refers to forecasts of snow amounts. I along with forty-three other lovely ladies had spent this past weekend at a quilt retreat in Yarmouth on Cape Cod. All day yesterday as we spent our last few hours sewing, we had been keeping up with details about the impending storm. At first, the weatherfolks were predicting four to six inches in my area. Later, it was upped to six to eight and late last night, they were saying six to ten. This morning I awoke to find we had received about fifteen inches!!! My town appears to have been in the lucky jackpot area.

 Give yourself bonus points if you are able to spot the doghouse or the birdbath in these photos. :-)

Now, dogs still have to go outside, snow or no snow, so I put Emma in her jacket, opened the porch door, and then stood there and laughed. It looked like a scene out of a cartoon. About two and a half feet of snow had drifted against the door creating a solid wall of snow. I told Emma she would have to be patient as I began shoveling a path out the door, across the porch, down the back stairs, and then a few more feet of cleared space.

The snow was over her head, so she was not able to follow her usual morning inspection route around the property. Because she is small, once the frigid temperatures freeze everything tonight, she'll be able to scamper up and walk on top of the frozen surface.

If you have never been to a quilt retreat, you might think this photo is totally farfetched. Really not so much .  . . Here's the back of my car for just two people. There are two sewing machines, two suitcases, tools, a cutting board,  goodies for the back table, project boxes, etc.

Here's my back seat with boots, a shovel, more project boxes, more sewing equipment, etc. If our friend Edith had driven down with us, we surely would have had to strap her to the roof!!!

As always, the retreat was great fun , and I'll write more about it in my next post.

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