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Saturday, March 9, 2019

Crosstown Quilters Getaway 2019

Last weekend, forty-four lovely ladies from the Crosstown Quilters Guild headed to the Bayside Resort in Yarmouth on Cape Cod for our annual getaway. The sewing room was open at 12:00 on Friday, so it seemed that everyone dropped off their sewing machines and then headed out to a favorite quilt shop. Why the Friday afternoon rush? Well, snow was expected on Saturday, and like postmen, no self respecting quilters would let the weather keep them from their appointed rounds. :-)

Actually, my friend Laurel and I had arrived early enough to visit a nearby antique/vintage store first. You never know what you might find while browsing. I only purchased an Irish castles salt and pepper, set that you may see in the photo below. 

Fortified by a delicious lunch with our friend Edith at the Keltic Kitchen in West Yarmouth , we headed to Cape Cod Quilts and Cottages. We spotted eleven of our fellow quilters, and more kept coming in ! :-) Here's what I picked up: a few yards of fabric, a few fat quarters with printing, some really cute buttons, and a canning jar table runner pattern. I also picked up one for AnnMarie along with a library card fat quarter as she is a librarian. (As always, Emma had a swell visit at Auntie AnnMarie's, Emma's home away with home, where she gets to play with her canine cousins and spend time with her other family.)

As you can see in the photo at the top of this post, the snow did indeed arrive early on Saturday morning, but no one cared as we didn't have to go anywhere. We had pre-ordered box lunches from a local deli and when dinner rolled around, we called out for pizza. With a full day of quilting, I managed to get a lot accomplished.

What pray tell are these lovely ladies looking at? Well, last year Jackie had brought some vintage and antique quilts from her collection to show us. It was such a hit that this year she again brought some of her recent acquisitions.

They were all fun and interesting to see, but no surprise, I was drawn to the hand embroidered pieces.

I thought that you might enjoy seeing some close ups from this sweet vintage redwork piece.

Don't you love how this block is labeled "camel"? I saw similar redwork quilts online and on each the camel was labeled. Did the makers think that perhaps people might not know what camels looked like??? Curious . . .

At the getaway, I also took the opportunity to ask another Marie if I could post a photo of her schoolhouse quilt that she had showed at our last guild meeting.

She placed faces in all the windows of the schoolhouses. What a fun idea!

Cyndi was able to complete this rail fence quilt at the retreat. I loved the ric rac fabric that she chose for some of the rails. She will be donating this quilt to charity, and it is sure to put a smile on some child's face.

 Everyone had a great time at the Crosstown Quilt Getaway 2019!!! We can hardly wait until next year!!!

I also managed to make it to a family birthday party on Sunday afternoon. It was a two hour drive from the Cape to my cousin's home, but children are only little for a short time and I didn't want to miss Desmond's seventh birthday! I'm happy to report that the Lego set and game I gave him were a hit. Thank goodness!!!

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