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Thursday, December 27, 2018

Christmas 2018

No photos this time . . . just a recap of the last few crazy, wonderful days of Christmas 2018. It started on Saturday with a get-together at the home of my cousins' dad and his wife. My seven young cousins and their parents were there, and everyone had a great time. All seven children (three families) truly enjoy each others' company.

On Sunday after church, I wrapped a few last presents and settled in to watch the Patriots. Fortunately, this week they won!!!

Two of my cousins were altar servers at the 4:00 Mass on Christmas Eve, so I went to their house early in the afternoon to deliver presents. After Mass, I went with my godchild and her family to the home of her long time friend for dinner. My cousin Kristin has two girls as does her friend and the four little girls are as close as their moms are.

On Christmas, I headed to my cousin Linda's home.  Her two boys had quite a surprise as Santa had brought them an adorable, sweet, white kitten which they aptly named Snowy. Santa had left the kitten in their downstairs bathroom along with a bed, litter box, and food and water bowls. At first, they hadn't noticed the bows stuck on the bathroom door, but when they eventually opened the door, they were thrilled.  Linda's boys are very active and energetic, so it was fun to watch how extra gentle and careful they were with their new kitten. It's hard to resist puppies and kittens, and I loved cuddling the kitten, too! As I was leaving, the older boy, age nine, checked my bag and pockets to be sure that I hadn't tried to smuggle Snowy home with me.  :-) I'm sure Emma would not have approved of me bringing a kitten home no matter how cute it is.  He also face timed me both yesterday and today to tell me about Snowy's first visit to the vet and how he was doing. He truly loves his new kitten. The younger boy, age six soon to be seven, was also excited to have a pet, but he was perhaps equally excited to receive a number of new lego sets.

I hope you also had a wonderful Christmas 2018.

By the way, today marks six weeks to the day since my surgery, and I can honestly say that I am feeling great!!! I am blessed.


  1. Sounds like a terrific holiday was had by all! I loved the "Snowy" story.

  2. So glad you are feeling better, your Christmas sounded fantastic. Happy New Year!