Monday, October 22, 2018

Quilted Autumn Wallhanging

What a wonderful weekend it was!!! "Wrapped in Comfort," the Crosstown Quilters Guild Quilt Show this weekend was a great success judging by the smiles and comments of visitors to the show. Tomorrow, I will post photos of some of the quilts that were on display.

Saturday afternoon, there was a family birthday party for my thirteen year old triplet cousins.  My, how the time has flown.

For today, I thought that I would post about this recently completed autumn wallhanging. Last summer,  I attended a workshop sponsored by the Quilters Connection Quilt Guild in Watertown featuring renowned fiber artist Betty Busby from Albuquerque, New Mexico.  The two-day workshop took place in a non-air conditioned old brick school on two of the very hottest days of the season.

One of the activities was creating leaves. We gathered real leaves, painted the veins, and stamped then on a sheet of Evolon, a microfiber product. The stamped designs were colored in using Inktense pencils. We then applied aloe vera gel or plain water to blend and make the colors deeper. My tablemate had brought some Lumiere paint which she graciously allowed me to borrow, and I lightly brushed some on the leaves.  (I even bravely added a few more 'sun-kissed' mini streaks to the leaves after completing this piece.)

I had begun the project by pulling autumnal colored batiks, but soon realized I would need more to make the curved strip piece that I wanted for the background, so it was back to my stash to find more. Surprise, surprise, I had enough in my stash.

We had made various sized leaves, but I chose to work with a smaller size in this piece. (These leaves are truly much prettier in person.)

After completing the background, I arranged and stitched the leaves. This close up will give you an idea of how I quilted it.

All in all, I was very pleased with the piece and happy that I had finally used the leaves.  :-)

I finished reading another book this week, The House at the Edge of Night: A Novel by Catherine
Banner which I do recommend. The setting is a remote fictional island, Castellamare, off the coast of Sicily. The characters include: the doctor Amadeo, a collector of fables and stories; his wife Pina, a woman of grace and intelligence, his daughter Maria-Grazia who struggles to keep the family's bar and only source of income thriving, and her soldier husband Robert who washes up on the shoreline and falls in love with both Maria-Grazia and the island. This multi-generational story traces the lives of the island inhabitants through the course of the 19th century. At first somewhat isolated from the forces of the outside world, they gradually become more and more influenced by the world beyond their shore. It's a novel of beliefs, customs, rituals, superstitions, and traditions.

Will you like the people of Castellamare? Yes, some more than others, but you will come to know them all well.

I would warn you that it is definitely not an easy book to get in to. I had read about this novel on another blog. That blogger had spoken glowingly about it attributes. Frankly, for the good first fifty to one hundred pages, I was considering ditching it and couldn't imagine what the blogger had seen in it. But, I stayed with it and ultimately found it worthwhile.


Mereknits said...

The Autumn quilt is magnificent. So glad you had a good time over the weekend. Triplets, wow! said...

Those autumn leaves rock! I liked your addition of the lumiere paint. It is fun stuff to play with. I too am playing a bit with inktense pencils which are fun too!

Janice Smith said...

When I finished the background piece, the lowest green strip seemed a bit too bright, so I grabbed an Inktense pencil and colored over the brightest highlights. After a light wash of water, the strip was perfect.

Janice Smith said...

My cousin Jane had waited a long time for grandchildren. She watched as all her friends had more and more grandchildren. Then in the space of four months, her son and his wife had triplets and her daughter had a baby girl. They were followed by three more grandchildren who are all the jewels in our family. Though Jane has since gone home to God, I am enjoying her grandchildren for her. :-) said...

I liked the book also! Will do minutes early so you can see what went on. Business=LOW. Hysterical speaker!
This would be a wonderful Q101 project-came out GREAT Tony the Tiger

Carol said...

Love that wallhanging!!!!! It was so nice to run into you the other evening! :-)

Diane-crewe said...

what lovely colours xx Life can be fun .. especially when it involves cake of some sort xx