Saturday, October 27, 2018

Hancock Adams Common

The other day I went to lunch with friends at a local restaurant and this scene caught my eye.  Along the wall separating a smaller room from the main dining room there is a wall with wine racks. The sun was hitting this grouping at such an angle that the bottles positively glowed.

Today, I  played around with this photo in the Moku Hanga iPad app which renders images to resemble Japanese wood block prints. Pretty cool . . .

Since I was in Quincy Center on Friday, I thought I would photograph the John Hancock statue at the Hancock Adams Common in front of Quincy City Hall. I had posted a photo of John Adams in an earlier post.


The sculptor did a wonderful job capturing the signature of this merchant and patriot.

Hancock is at one end of the Common and John Adams at the other. The common is across from the Church of the Presidents where both John Adams and his son John Quincy Adams along with their wives are buried.

It really is quite well done.

I do wonder, however, why it is the Hancock Adams Common and not the Adams Hancock Common??? They were both towering founding fathers, but Adams was our second President. You might have thought his name would have come first. . . . . . 


  1. The detail on the sculptures is terrific. The clothing looks like the wind is blowing it. The fountain is beautiful! What a sight that must be!