Sunday, April 15, 2018

A Quilting Week in Review

I was glancing at the quilt magazines on my way to the checkout counter when this one caught my eye. Inside was the pattern for "How Does Your Garden Grow" by Chris Malone. I couldn't wait to get home and make it!!!

I used large black buttons for the flower centers and had all the necessary fabric in my stash. I love it!

On Tuesday, I had attended a meeting of the Crosstown Quilters Guild.  The BOM was "a jar of happiness." My jar was filled with chocolate pieces which before developing diabetes was my idea of pure, delicious happiness. :-) It was fun to see all the different things that folks put in their jars.

On Friday, my friend Laurel came for a day of quilting and brought the top she had made at a workshop at the Herring Run Guild last Saturday. The project was Dresden Neighborhood by Kim Lapacek at Persimon Dreams. You can purchase the pattern at that site.

How fun it that!!! How I wish that I had signed up for that workshop. You can be sure that I will be ordering the pattern soon as I have an idea for what I would like to do with it. I am eager to see what everyone in the workshop did with their tops.

I also made a gift that I will show in my next post.

Pansies are making their appearance at local garden centers, and so yesterday I bought four flats. I potted up four planters: three for the front steps and one for the back porch. I'm not sure if it was an act of faith or of defiance as the weather is downright cold and soon to be stormy with a whole lot of rain and lord knows what else.

Have an interesting, fun, creative week. 


  1. I LOVE your wall hanging! How fun to see a project in a magazine and then stitch it! I like pansy flowers too. I hope yours bloom all season! I liked the jar of happiness too!

  2. Turns out your block Janice was my most favorite of them all!

    1. It’s hard to go wrong with chocolate.😊 Oh, how I miss it...