Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Top of the Morning to You

It's school vacation week, so my godchild/cousin Kristin came with her two girls for "Ladies Lunch." Kristin's birthday was last week, so I presented her with this St. Patrick's Day quilted wall hanging. I thought I would be able to purchase the six rainbow shades of 'baby' rickrack, but unfortunately, it doesn't come in either blue or purple. So, the rainbow is made of chain stitch embroidery floss which took considerably longer than simply sewing down rickrack would have taken. I do, however, like the effect of the hand stitching.

Speaking of rainbows,  when the late afternoon shines through my kitchen window this colorful display appears on my wall. The betta fish tank on my kitchen table acts like a prism.

After lunch yesterday, we went looking for Miss T.'s First Communion dress. This sweet eight year old and her sister are fans of "Say Yes to the Dress" and have definite ideas about fashion. After trying and trying and in some cases retrying dresses, the perfect dress was found. To the girls' delight in the end, the extremely patient,  helpful saleslady asked, "Is this the one? Are you saying 'yes' to the dress?" YES! To reward ourselves, afterward we stopped at the ice cream stop down the street from the dress store.

I took this shot of out town hall this morning when I went to get Emma's dog license renewed.

FYI: The wall hanging pattern was "Lucky's Pot of Gold" from


  1. I like your chain stitching. I hope to add some chain stitching to one of my projects. How fun to find "The Dress!" The hunt is half the fun!

  2. such a fun wall hanging x and just right for March x