Monday, February 6, 2017

The GOAT - Joy in Patriots Nation! - Super Bowl LI

This isn't a very flattering photo of our handsome Tommy, but it does show the intensity of the moment.  My stomach was tied up in knots throughout the entire game.  At one point, we were down twenty-five points.   Through the years, we have learned to believe in Brady and Belichick, but even their most ardent fans were feeling despair.  With six minutes left in the fourth quarter, the score was 12 to 28 and then . . . repeat after me . . . "Never Ever Count Tom Brady Out."

 I have been a Patriots fan forever and have seen them come back many times, but this game was unbelievable. The game was so great that I watched it again tonight on the NFL network. (It was far more relaxing this time.)

(*In case you are not a football fan or are not familiar with the expression "The Goat," it refers to our quarterback Tom Brady, the "Greatest of All Time" with his fifth Super Bowl win. 

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