Monday, April 11, 2016

Quilting Weekend in New Hampshire

I spent the weekend at the vacation home of one of our friends in Bristol, New Hampshire. There were seven of us who spent Friday quilting. Rather than lug my machine and all that goes with it, I decided to only bring my crazy quilt project. It was lovely to spend long stretches of time hand stitching. Here is a completed block with my grandparents.

On Saturday morning, we all went to a mecca for quilters in Center Harbor, Keepsake Quilting. The best part was that I had a gift certificate from Christmas which allowed me to purchases a wall hanging pattern and the backing for a quilt.


After this stop, we split up with four going on to a favored gift shop while three of us headed on to
 North Country Quilters & Sew 'n Vac in Rumney.  It is a lovely shop and, of course, a couple of things did catch my eye. Support the local economy!!!

Now . . . just to put a smile on your face . . . If you're like me, you might just spend a little too much time visiting blogs and Pinterest in search of holiday decorating ideas. I asked Edith to stop the car so that I might jump out to capture this festive holiday display in someone's backyard. 

Don't you just feel flush with holiday spirit ???

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