Monday, November 2, 2015

Jeopardy Viewing Party

Did you catch Jeopardy this evening? The contestant in the middle was our friend Chris, a retired Weymouth school teacher. The viewing party, which was great fun, was held at her sister's house, and these two photos were taken off the TV with my iPhone.

The show was taped a few months ago, but Chris and those who traveled to California with her were unable to say even one word about what had transpired at the taping. Chris was fantastic! After Final Jeopardy she had $10,000 on the board which on some nights would have been enough to win, but unfortunately, it wasn't on this night. Still, we were all thrilled to watch the program and were incredibly proud of her. It was a dream come true for Chris to appear on Jeopardy, and she said it was a wonderful experience.

Our friend Kathy created this amazing cake for the party. . . very, very cool!

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