Wednesday, November 25, 2015

It's Almost Human!!!

In kitchens all across the country, preparations are being made for tomorrow's big Thanksgiving dinner, so I thought I would write a cooking related post today. A few weeks ago, I did some cleaning out of my attic and brought down a box containing my aunt's original Sunbeam Mixmaster mixer. Why I had brought it home and stored it in the attic I don't know. Her "newer" mixer from the 70s had been sold when the house was sold. Anyway, I opened the box and found the instruction manual, the two white glass bowls, and the beaters. I tried it, it worked, it was far quieter than my mixer, and it takes up less space. The base and revolving plate were in rough shape no doubt due to the heat sometimes up in the attic, so I painted them with flat black enamel paint. The body had yellowed in areas, but it isn't bad. There are many tutorials available online explaining how you can paint the mixer itself, but for now, I'll just put a cover over it.

The date on the inside cover is 1948. Here's the fun part. The back of the manual is filled with all kinds of wondrous attachments you could acquire for this machine. I have enlarged a few so you can enjoy how the descriptions were written.

Check out the first paragraph . . . 

My personal favorite . . . the Potato Peeler . . . It's almost human!!!

One more thing . . . the body is not too heavy and may be easily uncoupled for use as a hand mixer. If you have a vintage mixer or want to learn more about them, visit Sunbeam ID.

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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