Saturday, June 27, 2015

Row by Rowing 2015 - The Fun Begins!!!

Before I get to the "Row by Row-ing," I wanted to show some photos taken this morning with my iPhone6. The sharpness of the images is really impressive especially in the close ups.

The Row by Row Experience 2015 started last Sunday, and of course, I headed that day to our local quilt shop, Heart in Hands, in South Weymouth to pick up the kit for their row which features the swan boats. It's awesome!

On Friday, my friend Laurel and I headed to North Franklin, CT to get the row from the Stitch Chicks Quilt Shop. Their row has a pond with pink water lilies and koi. It was a very long ride, but I really wanted their very special row. On the way home, we stopped at The Sewing Room in Exeter, Rhode Island. Their row has a wonderful nautical theme.

On Saturday, we visited Emma's Quilt Shop in Franklin to pick up their row which features sailboats. I'd love to get started right away on these rows, but I still need to finish one more row from last year, complete that quilt, and make two other quilts by October. Yikes!!!

In case you don't know, this year thousands of quilt shops across the United States and Canada are participating in the Row by Row Experience 2015. The focus this year is water which the shops may interpret anyway that they wish. You must visit a store in person and ask for the shop's free pattern or you may purchase a kit for that row. Why do we do it it? We drive all over the place because it's great FUN to visit new quilt shops to see what they offer. I actually have maps already marked and a small notebook with info about the shops that I plan to visit. The program runs until Sept. 8th.

In case you were wondering whether I purchased anything besides the row kits, the answer would be "yes," but I'm sure you already guessed that. :-).  I bought five yards of the license plate themed row by row fabric for the back of a quilt, a yard of beautiful blue batik, and an assortment of fun and colorful fat quarters for two birthday quilts that I need to make for two of my little cousins. The girls also have a brother whose quilt is well underway. I think he is going to really like his Star Wars themed quilt. It's hard to believe that the triplets will be turning ten!!!

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