Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Fourteen More Inches of Snow!!!

Last night, one of my wonderful neighbors used his snowblower to tackle the last third of my driveway. I had shoveled the rest during the day, but there had come a point when I just couldn't do any more. Unfortunately, it then continued snowing throughout the night. My stairs and walkway were filled with snow again. The blowing snow had also filled in part of the driveway and worst of all, the last four feet had been filled in by the snowplows. GROAN!!! This morning, I shoveled again for over an hour before another neighbor came along with his snowblower to help me finish the impossible, hard packed last few yards. Thank heavens for good neighbors!!!

This afternoon I decided to take some time for photography.  You should have seen the set-up near my kitchen door where the light was softly filtering in. I almost took a photo of my crazy set-up, but suffice it to say, it involved two kitchen chairs, a tripod, a large can to prop the plant on, and an oven splatter guard. A splatter guard??? Yes, it's three separate white pieces of plastic which interlock. I picked it up years ago at Bldg. 19 thinking it would be good for outdoor flower photography. Outside I put it around low flowers to block the wind and to kick up a little natural light. Anyway, I propped it up to reflect a little more light on the subject and grabbed my macro lens. These may not be as sharp as I would have liked, but it was a fun way to spend an hour.

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