Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Adventures with Emma - A Winter Stroll

     Here's Emma posing this afternoon after a trip to the groomer. Let me tell you what happened earlier today . . .
     It was about 8:30 and the temperature was four degrees. I was tempted to let Emma go out by herself, but after seeing the hawk last week, I bundled up and joined her. The air was crisp, clear, and very cold. I was leaning on the deck railing when I was startled to see Emma at the very back of the yard. For the past three weeks, she had been restricted to a long narrow path that I had shoveled. With the frigid temperatures, the snow was frozen solid and after evidently finding a low spot she was  walking on top of the snow. My first reaction? Oh, that's good! Now she has the whole backyard for exercise. Maybe the cold had momentarily frozen my brain. Suddenly I realized there was nothing to keep Emma in the backyard as the four foot chain link fence was buried in the snow with only a mere three or four inches uncovered. Emma was heading in that direction, so I yelled, "Come!" Not deterred for even a second, she kept walking. Next, I called out in a happy, enthusiastic voice, "Emma, come. Let's go get a treat." Nope, she kept walking right over the fence into the front yard.
   OMG! I ran inside, grabbed a handful of sweet potato chip treats which she loves, and raced out the front door. I didn't see her at first but then spotted her in my neighbor's front yard.  Since I wasn't able to walk on the snow, how was I going to get her? Last week a front end loader had carved out a few places in the high bankings lining the street. I got as close as I could and called out, "Emma" "sweet potatoes," and soon she appeared at the top of the banking.  I reached way up and was able to lift her down from the snow mound which had to be five feet high. We can now add mini mountain climber to her resume.
     This afternoon after dropping Emma off at the groomer, I went straight to the pet shop to buy a fifteen foot tie out since the one that is already there is buried under four feet of snow.

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