Friday, October 17, 2014

Latest Quilt Project


     The Quilt Show with Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims since July has been offering its members access to a dvd by Jacqueline deJonge showing how to make her wallhanging "Happiness" from her Be Colourful  series. Jacqueline deJonge from the Netherlands has created a whole series of stunning quilt patterns. Access to this dvd ends on October 31, so why, oh, why did I wait until last week to begin it? Beats me! The fabric had been purchased a few months ago, but somehow time just slipped away.  Anyway, here's a close up of the inner circles.

     Last night while watching the Patriots game, I added the first ring around the center. I stitched it, then had to unstitch it, and then stitched it again. Today I added the background fabric and another border.  Jacqueline de Jonge is extremely precise and her instructions are quite thorough, but her painstaking process does take time. I watch each section of the instructions and then re-watch it. On her website, this pattern is classified as a "3" on a scale of "1 to 6" indicating difficulty. I shudder to think what one of her "6" in difficulty rated patterns might entail. Actually, I do have one of those patterns for a full size quilt tucked away, and I'm pretty sure it will remain tucked away for quite a while. :-)
     The next step is to add a border of flying geese. Hopefully, I can get this part finished over the weekend as I have another project which is also under some time constraints.