Thursday, September 4, 2014

Moku Hanga App for iPad

     Today I came across a really fun app for iPhones and iPads called Moku Hanga. It replicate the Japanese method of wood-block printing and it is super, super simple. You select a photo from your files, and the app automatically creates the look of a wood-block print. Totally awesome!
     I liked the scene below, but I'll confess that the original image was less than sharp;  that didn't matter when it was transformed with this app.

These photos are all from my last trip to Italy, and I believe they were all were taken in Rome.

There are sliders to make different adjustments in color, saturation, etc., and you may also select different borders. I love the way these photos turned out!

Warning: This app is highly addictive and you can spend lots of time auditioning various photos, but don't let that stop you as this is a really fun, easy app to use. 

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