Sunday, April 6, 2014

Waiting for Lovers

     My latest quilt, Waiting for Lovers, is done and hanging on my wall. I began it in the fall and have worked on it off and on since then. The photo upon which it is based was taken while on our camera club's trip to Italy in 2012. 

     Since I am totally not blessed with any ability to draw or sketch, I have found a way to use a photo to make a pattern. In fact, I will be teaching a class in May at our local quilt shop Heart in Hands in Weymouth showing how to turn a photo into an art quilt. (You may click on the highlighted link to get more info.) I'm hoping it will prove to be great fun! It truly isn't a difficult process, though it does take a bit of time. Anyone can do it!
     To assemble my quilts, I use many of the techniques that I learned while attending a wonderful Quilting Under the Tuscan Sun Workshop with Esterita Austin in 2010. It was the most relaxing, creative week I have ever spent.
     The piece measures 22x29 inches and it is raw edge, fused, machine appliqued and quilted. The fabric in the frame appears to have a yellowish cast which I wasn't able to remove from the photo. The frame is actually shades of black and grey with flecks of gold. (Whenever I see good "frame" fabric, I buy a couple of yards to have on hand. This fabric has been in my stash just waiting to be used for a piece such as this.)
     What's my next project? Actually I have two in mind. Check back when you can to see what comes next.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful! This needs to be entered into a Quilt Show. Your eye of capturing the beauty of your trip to Italy and translating it into your other love "quilting" is simply amazing. It combines both your talents perfectly. Your love of photography and translation into a quilt is truly a work of art and very impressive.