Thursday, January 9, 2014

Favorite Photos from 2013

     Some of the members of the South Shore Camera Club to which I belong have been sharing some of their best photos taken during the past year. It's a great idea, and so this morning I spent some time reviewing my photos and selecting some of my very favorites to post here.

Roosting turkeys . . . 

Up close and personal . . . 

No collection of favorite photos would be complete without one of Emma.

I could, of course, have included any number of photos taken on our club's trip to the Amalfi Coast and Rome, but they were already posted in my September series about our trip. The final photo from 2013 that I'm posting here was taken on Mother's Day in Beverly, MA. My littlest cousins, their moms, and I had taken a walk to the beach where we discovered this message in the sand. Who wrote it? I'll never know, but I loved it.

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  1. its fun to look back and try and decide which are our favourite shots ... liking your choices x