Saturday, November 17, 2012

Pretty in Pink

     I haven't featured Emma in a post for a while, so today I thought I would share some recent photos. She is now ten months old. The photo above was taken last week before she was groomed. Here she is a few days later all spiffed up.

 This pink sweater had belonged to my sweet Katie whom I lost in January, and it made me smile to see Emma wearing it.   

     Emma had a fun time last weekend. Friends came for dinner Saturday night, and Emma, of course,  was sure they had come just to see her. Then on Veterans' Day, my cousin came with her two little girls to see the parade. When we returned to my house, the girls and their mom waited in the backyard while I went inside to let Emma out. Both my cousin and I wished we had thought to film it when Emma saw the girls. Excitement doesn't begin to define Emma's reaction. They have visited her a number of times since she first arrived, and Emma loves the girls, and they love her. There was much kissing, hugging, tail wagging, face licking, and happy dancing going on. The three had races, and they introduced her to the joy of jumping into a huge pile of leaves. Emma was a bit tentative at first, but soon joined in the fun.
     One last photo taken yesterday.


  1. she is growing into such a delight xx

  2. Hi Janice-Occasionally I wonder how the new addition is doing. Glad I was able to find an old email with a link to your blog. By the look of things she has settled right in just as schnauzers tend to do!

    Sue Webel