Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Kaye England

     On Sunday afternoon I attended a talk by Kaye England which was held at Ann's Fabrics in Canton, MA. Kaye is the author of many quilting books and patterns, and besides being a master quilter she is also one very funny and entertaining woman. She showed many of her stunning quilts including some from an upcoming book. I purchased her book, Quilt Inspirations from Africa. The first half is a fascinating exploration of the world of African art and design while the second half provides ideas and patterns for sixteen African inspired quilts. An African safari has always been on my wish list and though I may never get to Africa, I can certainly use this book to create my own African inspired quilt.
     Saturday night I attended a performance of The Wiz at Weymouth High School. It was outstanding, truly a wonderful performance. There were a number of leads whose voices were unbelievable. It's amazing to see the talent that all of these young people have.

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  1. Love the new Christmas pictures!! Emma is so cute. Laurel