Monday, July 2, 2012

A Busy Weekend

     This past weekend was spent quilting with a group of friends in Stoughton. Saturday afternoon, however, I took time out to attend a very special third birthday party. As you can see, the party featured a constructions theme which was a big hit with everyone.
     I am thrilled to report that on Sunday I was able to layer my "Old World Santas" quilt on which I have been working on and off for five years. I have put so much time into this quilt that I am going to attempt to machine quilt it myself. Wish me luck.

   This morning I had a flute lesson which gave me the opportunity to see how the baby finch born in my friend's planter on June 20th is doing. As you can see, he or she is doing very well. Only one baby survived. Mr. and Mrs. Housefinch keep a keen eye on this little one, but they do allow my friend to water the plant where they have made their nest.

     Next, it was time to meet friends at a restaurant at Marina Bay for lunch to celebrate my birthday. There was a lovely breeze, and the day could not have been any prettier. We ended our meal with a stroll down the boardwalk to indulge in a little ice cream. It was, after all, my birthday. :-) :-)

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  1. Happy Birthday Janice!!! Of course you deserved that ice cream, and you should have had cake too! :-)