Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Balmy Day at the Beach

Last week I suggested to friends that Nantasket Beach would be a great place to meet for a walk. We usually meet at Webb State Park. I remember the joy of walking the beach on warm September mornings last year and feeling as if I was playing hooky from school. We met this morning just as the drizzle began getting steadier and steadier. Hearty New Englanders that we are, off we went. We walked the length of the beach and back which was close to two miles with the ocean spray giving us marvelous facials. We saw only four other brave souls on the route including a women with a small black dog nattily attired in a hot pink, floral raincoat. Were we all nuts? No, it was fun, and it was an adventure, and that's what life is all about. Of course, after our healthy walk we immediately crossed the street to have a calorie-laden breakfast at Toast. Y'mmm . . . life is good!

     It was much nicer last Sunday when I took this photo from Fort Revere in Hull.

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