Monday, April 14, 2014

Herring Run Quilt Guild - Falmouth Getaway

     Seventy-five quilters from the Herring Run Quilt Guild in Norwell attended a wonderful three-day quilt getaway at the Seacrest Beach Resort in West Falmouth this past weekend.
     On Saturday, Edith, Laurel, and I visited a quilt shop, Fabric Corner, in Falmouth Center. Since I was driving, we then rode around for a bit.  Above is Nobska Point Light in Woods Hole.  Not far from the lighthouse, there are two platforms with nesting osprey.

One platform has an osprey cam attached. Since it was a quilting weekend, I only had my small grabshot camera with me. You can be sure that I'll be heading back down there with my "real" camera to get some better photos of these magnificent birds..

On the way back to the resort, this mirror which warns of oncoming traffic caught my eye.

It looked so cool that I jumped out to take this selfie; I couldn't resist. :-)

Saturday evening was cold, but that didn't prevent a few hardy souls from setting up beach chairs to take in the show.

This stop sign on Sunday also caught my eye.

Emma again spent the weekend with Auntie Annmarie, Uncle Bruce, and the boys. Here's a photo taken by Annmarie of the gang. The handsome guy at the top is energetic Bailey, to Emma's right is Jake, a grand old man of fifteen, and at the very bottom peeking through the space where the gates meet is Harvey. They were on one side of the gate, so Annmarie and Bruce could eat their dinners in peace. :-) 

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