Thursday, January 2, 2014

Stock Up! Don't Forget the Milk! A Storm Is Coming!!! A Storm is Coming!!!

     The photo above shows a section of the top half of the art quilt that I have been working on. Stacey at Heart in Hands in South Weymouth had asked me to speak to her group about how I take one of my photos and turn it into an art quilt. I had spoken to an evening group at this quilt shop back in October. In my Oct. 15th blog post I described the process that I use and posted step by step photos. It was my intention back then to work faithfully on the piece doing a little bit each day. That didn't happen. I got busy quilting other things for Christmas. That's why I'm glad I was asked to speak today. It motivated me to add trim to the balcony, put in some more windows, and start on one of the gondoliers.
     Actually, with the stormy weather forecast I was certain my talk would be postponed. The snow wasn't too bad early this morning, so I did present at the quilt shop. It has been snowing steadily ever since with predictions of twelve to fifteen inches in my area! The bulk of the heavy snow will come overnight guaranteeing kids a day off from school tomorrow. The snow has been accompanied with bitter cold. Just a while ago I called my friend Donna G. to see if she would like me to bring Emma to her house to keep her company for the next few days. It was a totally sincere, kind, generous offer on my part, but Donna just laughed. I think she thought that I just wanted to get out of taking Emma out during the storm. Imagine that!

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