Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Few More Swan Photos

     The opportunity to photograph the swan family in Abington last week was truly something special. I  photograph swans each spring, but never before have swans been so accessible. Mr. and Mrs. Swan constructed their nest in a very public place, right near a main road. The fence at the edge of the pond was a mere few feet from the nest. Both times that I visited, crowds lined the fence. The swans seemed totally unperturbed by the presence of so many onlookers. The only thing that would get a rise out of Mr. Swan was when a mallard would get too close or when someone approached the fence while walking a dog. One would have thought these people would know better. The male would rise up hissing and spreading his wings intimidating the person with dog to back away quickly.

     While mom was away from the nest, dad would stand guard.

     When I drove down to Abington at the end of the week, the swan family had abandoned the nest and they were on the other side of the pond. Sadly, the last two eggs never hatched. 

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  1. Hi Janice! Your swan images are precious. So glad you were able to make a few trips down to visit the Abington swans!