Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Terror at the Boston Marathon

     Yesterday afternoon I sat down to blog about this past weekend. Seventy-two members of the Herring Run Quilt Guild had gone to the Sea Crest Beach Resort in Falmouth on Cape Cod for a  quilting getaway. Though it was wet, cold, and windy the weather didn't spoil the fun at all. It was amazing to view all the wonderful work of these talented ladies. The time simply flew by. I was able to complete the corner pieces of a Block of the Month quilt which if I had kept up with it, should have been completed many, many months ago. Before blogging, I decided to turn on the TV to watch the coverage of the Marathon when I heard the impossible news of the bombings which took place near the finish line.
      For those not from this area, the Boston Marathon is an incredibly special event which takes place on Patriots Day each year. Runners come from all over the world to participate in this historic race, and cheering crowds line the twenty-six miles from Hopkinton to Boston. The weather had dawned bright and beautiful for this annual rite of spring.  A day later, it still seems completely unfathomable that this terrorist attack could have taken place. The photos and stories are beyond heartbreaking. Two young women and one precious eight year old boy lost their lives while another 170 people, some with life threatening and life changing injuries, were brought to area hospitals. It is truly fortunate that Boston is blessed with so many world class hospitals.
     The courage and compassion of the first responders, medical personnel, race volunteers, and ordinary spectators who ran toward the bombing site was something to behold. While many were running for their lives, these courageous men and women were absolutely heroic in their efforts to aid the wounded since no one knew if or when any more bombs would go off.
     While law enforcement personnel and agencies continue to search for the person or group responsible for these dastardly actions, we can only pray for the victims and try to remain strong in the face of such unspeakable horror.

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