Sunday, July 22, 2012

WaterFire Providence 2012

     Last night I went with two friends to see WaterFire in Providence, Rhode Island. I had never been to see it and didn't know what to expect. One of my friends had been last year, and she suggested that we go. Crowds lined the banks of the canal. As darkness fell, a procession of torchbearers descended the stairs. One by one, each of the bonfire baskets was lit by a torchbearer.

I'm not sure who this figure in white standing up in the boat was supposed to be.

Other boats carried fire tenders.

Music filled the night air as gondolas and other small watercraft drifted by. Everyone in the crowd seemed relaxed and happy to be there.  All and all, it was a beautiful evening to be out and about in the city. 

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  1. Looks beautiful Janice. I've never been here myself yet.