Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Silk Fusion Fun

On a recent episode of The Quilt Show, guest Tamara Leberer demonstrated silk fusion.  I had never even heard of this, but I was fascinated when I watched the program. If you have been following this blog for a while, you know that I like to try all kinds of things so I purchased a kit from The Quilt Show to give it a try. 

I also consulted a number of tutorials online explaining the process. In addition to the kit, I purchased a set of silk hankies shown above. The package contains about twenty very sheer layers of absolutely gorgeous, rich color. I used a few of them in this first piece that I made.

Here is the other side.

I used the last of the silk in the kit in my second attempt in which I incorporated silk strands. Wow! I like how this piece turned out.

Here is the other side. You never know how the piece will turn out, and the other side is always different.

Tamara Leberer uses small pieces of silk fusion combined with other fabrics to create fabric art. She also uses it in some mosaic pieces. If interested, take a peek at her beautiful  Silk Fusion Artwork gallery.   She has also written a book on the process which is available on her website.
How will I use my two pieces? Well, I'm really not sure though I do have a couple of ideas. Time will tell.

Should you be tempted to try silk fusion, you can find supplies and a tutorial at Treenway Silks.


  1. Interesting process. I loved the effects the threads had on your sample.

    1. Right now I'm thinking I will add some hand stitching and beading to that piece.