Sunday, March 16, 2014

Portsmouth Quilting Getaway

     This evening I returned from a fun, four day getaway in Portsmouth, NH with eighteen other quilters. Of course, that meant we all visited a number of quilt shops. When each group returned, we couldn't wait to see the treasures that they had found. I thought you might like to see some of the eye candy that I purchased. Above is a gorgeous bundle of Philip Jacobs fabric along with three coordinating batiks in rich shades of deep purple and magenta.

     It's  difficult to find subtle sky fabric, so when I see it, I pick up a yard. Next to it is a white batik with a pattern that doesn't show up well in this photo. On the far right is a beautiful bundle of pastel batiks. I know exactly how I will use these soft, pale fat quarters; in fact, it may well be my next project.

      In another store I picked up this print for .99 cents! My plan is to frame it and hang it in my sewing room.


     Both of the guilds to which I belong collect quilts and pillowcases to be donated to various causes and organizations. Many of the items made are for young children, but since I spent my career working with eighth graders,  I'll use these four fabrics to make some pillowcases for pre-teen and teenage girls. The above photo really doesn't do justice to the rich colors of the denim print, sparkly bejeweled print, and pink and blue solids.

       This is one segment of a four segment jazz panel. I'm really not sure how or if I will ever use it, but I purchased it for the bargain price of .50 cents. The designs and colors were just too beautiful to pass up. (Let's see; the vintage mini poster plus this panel cost a grand total of $1.49. H'mmm, I won't tell you how much I spent on the rest of the fabric, but it was a wee bit more!!!)

     Last but not least, I found this beach umbrella fabric which I think will make some fun summer placemats. 
     Did we do anything besides quilt and fabric shop? Sure, we laughed and ate and laughed and ate some more. All nineteen of us went out to dinner on Friday night to the Dinnerhorn & Bratskellar Restaurant in Portsmouth. The food was absolutely delicious. Everyone had a wonderful time on our Portsmouth getaway.
     Where was Emma while I was away? She was on vacation at Auntie Annmarie and Uncle Bruce's house where she spent the weekend playing with their dogs: Jake, Bailey, and Harvey. I'm so very fortunate to have friends with whom she can stay while I'm away. 

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