Sunday, August 4, 2013



     I made this small wallhanging on Saturday.  The pattern was from the Spring/Summer 2011 issue of Quilting Celebrations. 
     After going to church and doing a few errands, I decided to just RELAX and enjoy my Sunday afternoon. I spent the entire afternoon and evening on my sunporch determined to finish Giulia Baymen's Luce dei meo occhi. This novel, Light of My Eyes, is written in Italian, and I have been studying the language for a few years. The story was becoming more and more interesting, so I decided to just stick with it to see how it would end. I had managed to read her first novel, Primo di dire addio. Now, don't get the wrong idea;  I am so very, very far from being fluent in Italian, but I do enjoy the challenge of reading in another language.
     The Bayberry Quilt Guild had its annual show in Harwich, and my friend Edith and I drove down on Thursday to view all of the lovely work. There were quite a few venders, and I was able to purchase this basket along with a few fat quarters and a pattern.

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