Sunday, June 23, 2013

In My Garden This Week

     Slowly but surely, foot by foot, things are taking shape in my garden as I have been trying to work diligently in it for an hour or two each morning. I even went to early Mass this morning so I could get a few things planted before the heat of the day.

      I have different shades of coneflowers, but on Friday I spotted this brilliant red one above at A. Thomas & Sons Nursery in Milton and, of course, it had to come home with me. 

     Continuing the red theme, this yarrow is also new this year. Why all the red? I'm trying to lure hummingbirds to my garden. I've hung a feeder and have my fingers crossed. I know they are around, so they may be visiting jut not when I'm looking.
     This colorful spinner also caught my eye and it, too, came home with me.

     Finally, here's a pink mandevilla vine which looks cool in this ceramic pot on my porch.

Keep cool and happy gardening!


  1. Your pictures are wonderful throughout your blogs and that is a great picture of Alex. Isn't it great to be retired?