Thursday, December 6, 2012

'Tis the Season

     Yesterday morning I finished putting up my outside decorations.  Emma didn't help with the ornaments or lights as she was far too busy being on patrol. My neighbors have a bird feeder which also attracts pesky squirrels that race along the top of the fence separating our yards driving Emma absolutely nuts.
     This tree had been a tiny DPW sapling giveaway about twelve to fifteen years ago. It remained small for a long time but now has grown quite large. Even with a small stepladder and garden tool to pull down some of the higher branches, I'm unable to decorate the top of the tree.
     Next it was time to head off to "Ladies' Lunch" with my cousin and her two adorable little girls. After lunch, we went to mail their letters to Santa. It's always great fun spending time with these precious little girls. Still later, I got together with my quilting buddies. Some of whom showed off some recently completed gorgeous quilts. What a talented bunch they are!
     Speaking of friends, eleven members of the Dancing Queens dined together at Burton's in Hingham on Tuesday evening. It was good to see everyone and to welcome an old friend from our days at East Junior High to the group.

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