Sunday, February 12, 2012

Do - Re - Mi

     Last night The Company Theatre in Norwell offered the Sing - a - Long Sound of Music. It was great fun! My friend Marilyn and I weren't quite sure of what to expect, but we enjoyed every minute of it. The ads had encouraged audience members to come in costumes related to the movie, and about thirty people did so. My favorites included a woman in a nun's habit carrying a carburretor, a woman and two young girls wearing outfits made from curtains (complete with curtain rods), a goat herder, folks wrapped up as brown paper packages, and of course, girls in white dresses with blue sating sashes. The best costumes were worn by a woman carrying a guitar case and dressed exactly like Julie Andrews as she arrived at the Von Trapp residence and a young woman dressed as a marionette with braids and strings attached to her limbs. Lots of creativity went into all of these costumes.
     Everyone sang enthusiastically as the lyrics appeared on the screen. The audience cheered for Maria, hissed at the Baroness, and booed the Nazis.  The entire audience appeared to be having a rollicking good time with the possible exception of one disgruntled husband who upon leaving the theater remarked, "All things considered, I would just have soon have spent the time having a root canal without novacaine." Boo! Hiss! Everyone else loved it! If you ever get the chance to attend a Sing - a -Long Sound of Music, throw away your inhibitions and go have a great time!!!

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  1. my d-i-l went to one of these and had a WONDERFUL TIME glad you did to x