Thursday, July 24, 2014

Astronomical Star Block Challenge

     When astronaut Karen Nyberg went into space last year, she brought with her some fabric, thread, a needle, and a pair of scissors with which she created a star themed quilt block. This was no easy feat in a weightless environment. The Houston International Quilt Show this year has issued an astronomical quilt block challenge.  The 9.5 inch star themed blocks will be displayed along with Karen's at the 40th International Quilt Festival. For fun, I am submitting the above block.  For a touch of whimsy around the center square, I added the tiny alien in the flying saucer.

     On Monday, my godchild and her adorable girls came to visit Emma and me. Instead of a regular lunch, I suggested that we head to Hornstra Farm on Prospect Street in Norwell for ice cream!!!  The girls saw calves in the barn and these lovely ladies in the field. Unfortunately, only one was looking my way :-(), but it sure is a pretty setting. (Ice cream lovers take note: the ice cream window is open seven days a week from 12:00 to 8:00, and trust me, the ice cream is beyond delicious!!!)

     On Tuesday, the weather was hot and humid, but not on the deck of the Hull Yacht Club where Linda C. hosted a "game" day luncheon. It was so breezy and cool that many of us were borrowing sweaters. After a delicious lunch, we settled in for a few rounds of a dice game called Mexican train. As always, there was some confusion about the rules and lots and lots of laughs. 
     Life is good!

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