Friday, May 9, 2014

Use Yah Blinkah

     Today I drove up to New Hampshire to drop off a quilt top to be quilted. I knew it probably wouldn't be smart to go on a Friday, but my schedule was clear so off I went with my friend Laurel. After dropping off the quilt at Dancing Cranes in Contoocook, we stopped at Quilted Threads, a lovely quilt shop in nearby Henneker. Believe it or not, all I bought was a bit of embroidery floss for my crazy quilting. After a stop for lunch, we headed home. It was a little after 2:00, so I hoped we would be able to sail through Boston traffic. Boy, was I ever wrong. We were cruising along until we hit the city and then the traffic was barely crawling. On tonight's news broadcast they indicated that this was one of the worst traffic days of the year. Who knew? Why??? Going through the tunnel was truly awful. How do people do this day after day???
     We were amused by a new message rolling on the overhead electronic billboards. "Changing Lanes? - Use Yah Blinkah." Translation for those who not from the Boston area = When changing lanes, don't forget to use your turn signal, in short  = "Use Your Blinker" or in our Boston accents - "yah blinkah." It was the only amusing moment during a very, very, very impossibly slow ride home.
      [Safety note: as you can see by the brake lights, we really weren't moving when I snapped this photo.]

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  1. I HATE it when you are like that ... M6 is the busiest stretch of road in Europe .. just as it goes through Cheshire .. my home county!! I try and avoid it and the feeder roads .. but sometimes it just gotta be done!! My son travels it every day to get to work !! ... NOT ME! ..the price we pay .. but as you say.. don't know HOW they do it everyday!