Sunday, May 18, 2014

Rose in Bloom

     Yesterday, I began teaching a class at Heart in Hands, a wonderful quilt shop in South Weymouth, MA. The class will show students how to turn one of their photos into an art quilt. Yesterday's two hour introductory session covered selecting a photo, making an enlargement, selecting fabric, and gathering the materials and tools needed for our next class when we will begin working on the pieces. It was great fun, and everyone seemed eager to get started . The range of photos that students brought with them was diverse, but all should prove to be wonderful subjects. 
     I finished the rose quilt above Friday night. It measures 23 inches wide. The rich, varied batiks are even more vibrant in real life. Here's a close up of the center. The fused, machine appliquéd pieces are quilted in place using narrow zigzag stitches with color-coordinated thread.

     Below is a photo of the Queen Elizabeth rose that I used as my subject.

      This beautiful pink rose has been blooming faithfully in my garden for most of my life. When I was child, my Aunt Alice showed me how to taking a cutting from a rose to propagate a new one. Basically it involved taking a cutting about eight inches long where the piece had seven leaves. Next, you would dig a hole and add rich composted soil. Then the end was dipped in rooting powder  and planted. After watering well, a large glass jar was placed over the cutting and a ring of dirt at the bottom sealed it in place. After a year or so, you would have a new rose. Simply amazing!!!

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