Friday, March 7, 2014

JOY in Quiltland

     There is joy in quiltland as this afternoon at 4:38 I completed this quilt top. The pattern is "Joy" by Chris Hoover at Whirligig Designs. I can't take any credit for the quilt's colors as it was purchased as a kit from a local quilt store. They had a sample on display, and it was so stunning that two friends and I all signed up for the classes. I stayed on target and pretty much finished the monthly blocks in a timely fashion, but when they were all completed I just couldn't make myself start putting it together. Why? I don't know; I just kept putting it off. My friends had finished their quilts long ago. Finally, last month I began the daunting task of assembling all of the pieces. The quilt measures 89x106, so you are not viewing the whole piece, only the top section. Making this quilt was a long and challenging process, but there is true "joy" now that the top is done. Because of its size, I will be having it professionally longarmed. 
     Now it's on to the next unfinished project . . . 

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